Digital & Web Analytics (Google Analytics) Course Overview

Course Overview

Singaporeans are a highly-connected net savvy population, driving commerce online.  SME’s and corporate brands are rapidly recognizing that a simple online presence is not enough. Consumers review and differentiate products services online. E-commerce is the best “routes to market” with great retail and brand uplift opportunities.

F&B outlets and MNC producers of FMCG, can no longer rely on television, as consumer in-market audiences have already moved online. The solutions are performance based in-market, engagement and conquest channels, with audience and buy point segmentation, requiring performance, KPI and ROI analysis.  The challenges facing employers is how to bridge the new skills gap, with in company competencies and capacity building.

This intensive two-day Digital Analytics training workshop outlines the features, advantages and benefits of digital analytics. With theory and practical exercises, designed to enhance data planning and capture capabilities, producing actionable insight.

The web analytics module also zooms in on the BIG WHYs customers do the things they do on a website such as abandoning a shopping cart, spend very little time on a website, and more.

Furthermore, participants will learn how to track and measure the effectiveness of both online marketing channels (SEO, Online ads, Social Media, Content) and offline marketing channels (flyers/brochures, TV, in-store promotions) with Google Analytics, and make important business decisions such as directing your marketing dollars to the best performing channels.

Through intelligent quantitative and qualitative analysis on key user behaviour metrics and deploying industry-leading analytical tools to gain a clear perspective of modern-day consumer buying journeys, Digital Analytics teams will be able to make better business decisions to boost a company’s profits.


By the end of this course, trainees shall be able to:

  • Understand the role digital analytics in the commercial aspects of an enterprise web site and development of marketing strategies.
  • Deploy analytics tools and data capture.
  • Define data capture approaches to an online enterprise.
  • Define onsite goals and apply key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the measurement of return on investment (ROI)
  • Establish and monitor marketing and advertising campaign tracking and data capture.
  • Examine marketing and advertising campaign performance and KPI bench marking.
  • Conduct a competitor’s analysis and suggest market conquest opportunities.
  • Collect and review qualitative data on, consumer psychometric, consumer journey, audience targeting, A/B and Multivariate testing

Key Features

  • Up-to-date course modules
  • Hands-on with lots of practical examples
  • Structured curriculum
  • Real world examples & case studies
  • Developed by experts with extensive experience in the Asia region
  • After-training support


Basic computer knowledge. Each participant will be provided a windows laptop for the duration of the course. Participants may however opt to bring their own laptops

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 Target Audience

Employees in performance marketing companies, Project and team Managers, Marketing strategist, Traditional marketers wishing to transfer skill sets in to Digital, SEM owners, and individuals with an interest in digital and web analytics.