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 Are Web Analytics and CRO?

Simply defined, web analytics is the collection and analysis of website traffic data with the goal of understanding how people find and interact with your website pages and other digital assets. Of course, for digitally savvy businesses, the goal isn’t simply to be seen, it’s to inspire action, which is where CRO (conversion rate optimization) comes in. Done right, web analytics and CRO work alongside each other, with analytics surfacing actionable performance data and CRO putting it to good use by turning tactics into achieving business goals.

 You Need Web Analytics and CRO Services?

We’re living in a golden age for web analytics, with a wealth of data available to the average person that would have seemed inconceivable to professional analysts even a few years ago. However, more data means more complexity, both in terms of correctly implementing web analytics tracking and understanding / acting on it. The right partner can not only help to make sure you’re taking advantage of web analytics insights to drive profitable business decisions, but can also help to avoid making costly mistakes based on faulty data.

 MarketinGenie’s Analytics and CRO Services

  • Web analytics setup and consulting
  • Custom reporting dashboard creation and maintenance
  • Strategic analysis and recommendations
  • Full funnel reporting
  • CRO consulting

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